Produktyf CRM

Mobile CRM

No cloud required

Manage your company's relationships and interactions with current and potential customers. Used by individuals and teams of all sizes.

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Complete Feature List


  • Create Contact entries storing basic contact information
  • Link Contacts to multiple Notes and Organizations
  • Easily view what other records are linked to a Contact


  • Create Organization records to represent groups, teams, companies, etc.
  • Link Organizations to multiple Contacts and Notes
  • Easily view what other records are linked to an Organization


  • Create Notes with title, date/time and text content
  • Link Notes to multiple Contacts and Organizations
  • Easily view what other records are linked to a Note

User Interface

  • Beautiful, information focused user interface, designed natively for Android
  • Intuitive "overlapping panels" design allowing to easly awitch between panels
  • Switch between Light or Dark themes

Data Storage

  • All application data saved in a secure local storage on the device
  • Using Sqlite database accessible only by the application
  • Backup and restore function coming soon

Record Sharing

  • Securely connect your database with another database on another device
  • Once databases are connected share individual records with option to also share linked records
  • Unshare the record to have it removed from the remote database

Security and Privacy

  • Your data is stored locally on the device and is not synchronized with any external cloud server
  • If you do not pair you database with another device there is no internet connectivity implemented in the application, other than a link to our public web server to retrieve online help content (only when help is accessed)
  • User registration, signup or login are not implemented
  • Your database is identified by a unique GUID and display name you can set
  • When sharing with other users only the records being shared are encrypted on the device before sent to the target device via a private relay
  • Relay temporarily records GUID of the sender, GUID of the receipient and encrypted record. As soon as the record is picked up by the receipient the temporary entry from the relay database is removed.
  • The record in transit is encrypted with the private key of the sender and public key of the recepient making it impossible to be decrypted by anyone other than the receipient is is destined for
  • We do not implement any advertising or tracking networks