Run your business

without the cloud!

We envision a cloud-free platform of integrated applications that enable individuals, teams and organizations to effortlessly capture, manage and act on information in the right context via mobile and desktop experiences.

Produktyf CRM

Fast multi-platform CRM with decentralized data sharing

Manage you personal or business relationships with native Windows and Android apps which store all your data locally on the device. It does not require sign-ups or logins and puts you in control deciding what information to share and with whom. It uses secure de-centralized synchronization engine right from your device!

Native Android Client

Beautifully designed user interface with the power of full CRM right on your mobile device. Optimized for fast data entry and information retrieval.
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Native Windows Client

When you need real productivity web based application simply won't cut it. Experience native Windows 11 application with full set of CRM features.
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Locally stored data can be securely synchronized between Windows and Android clients without need to store in the cloud!

Unlike anything else out there.

Your business data is securely stored on your device. It is accessible only to you through the application. You can selectively share individual records or groups of records (or entire database) with others via encrypted peer-to-peer data synchronizaion engine, NeverCloud™ wich is embedded into all our applications. The more people you share with the more redundancy for your data. You can also setup dedicated device to act as a backup instance which will receive and store all your data.

You decide who can access your data and what they can do with it. Advanced data access control mechanism puts you in control of your records. Each record is encrypted with your private encryption key and the public key of the receipient. Embedded with the data are access rules which decide what the receiving application is allowed to do with it. It is also possible to recall your data from devices when sharing is no longer desired.

You can always get your data out of the application. We do not plan to go out of business, but if for whatever reason we cease to exist you can always export your application data to an industry standard SQLite database. Once your data is in SQLite file, you can use standard open source tools to query and access your data. The file can be copied to a PC and opened there. You can use this data to import your records into another system. It is your data and you are always in posession of it.

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