Privacy Policy

Last updated on 2022-10-05

User or Device Data

Our applications do not access, collect, store, process, transmit or share any user or device data. We do not ask for any device speicifc permissions.

Application Data

Application data (data you enter into the application, such as customers, notes, companies, etc) is stored on the device in a private database inside application storage. It is not accessible from outside of the application.

There are two scenarios when this application data can make it's way outside of the application:

1. Database Synchronization

When user enables Database Synchronization through the application settings, the user selected application data (records) is encrypted on the owner's device with a private encryption key of the database owner and a public encryption key of the receipient before it is sent to a Produktyf NeverCloud relay server.

This relay server is located in a secure cloud location for personal and pro users of the application and can be hosted on-premises for enterprise customers. The relay server stores the encrypted message in it's database until it is picked up by the receiving application, at which point it is deleted permamently from the database.

While stored in the relay's server database the message is stored in it's original encrypted state, along with from/to information as well as the timestamp it was received. The from/to is a GUID of the corresponding databases and in no way is identifiable to any user or device. The relay server or any party is accidental posession of this data is not able to decrypt or see contents of the records as they can only be decrypted by the target application.

Once the encrypted message is picked up by the target application it is decrypted on the target device and stored in the target devices application private database location.

2. Database Backup

When user decides to backup the application database through the backup/restore function (in the application), the application database will be copied in its original state to the user selected location on the device as a single .backup file. Once saved outside of the application user is in corntrol of the data and should follow security best practices to safeguard this data.