Our suite of mobile
productivity apps

Our apps do not require any infrastructure investments or lock-in to proprietary cloud subscriptions! All data is securely encrypted on user devices and exchanged via NeverCloud™ engine, an innovative, decentralized data synchronization platform.

All our apps share these features:

Always free to use

Free to download and use with comprehensive set of functionality(1).

No sign-up or login required

Application data is stored locally on your device and tied to unique database itentifier(2)(3).

Secure data exchange

Securely connect your app with other users and share data via encrypted connection.

You are in control

Advanced record security ensure you decide who gets your data and what they can do with it.

Produktyf CRM

Mobile-first team enabled CRM that does not require cloud subscription!

Features and Screenshots

Produktyf Money

Keep track of your personal, team or organization finances.

In Development

Produktyf Project

Collaborative activity scheduling, task and projects tracking.


All our apps are available on Google Play as a free download.

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