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Integration with BlackBerry Remember

You can configure Produktyf CRM to integrate with native BlackBerry Remember app. When enabled Produktyf CRM will create new BlackBerry Remember task or memo as soon as you add new Note or Action in the app. This is useful if you want to view and organize your notes in BlackBerry Remember or want to be notified of you actions due using BlackBerry native reminders even when Produktyf CRM is not running.

Integration Settings

To enable BlackBerry Remember integration go to the Application Settings screen and select "Remember Settings". Here you will find two sections, one for Actions and another for Notes. To enable synchronization for new Actions or Notes turn the corresponding toggle to On position. A drop-down with list of Notebooks will be displayed. This list contains Notebooks in your Remember application. It can inlcude local Notebooks on the device, Notebooks on your ActiveSync enabled server (such as Microsoft Exchange or, and Evernote Notebooks.
Did you give the app permission to access your Notebooks?
If the drop-down with list of Notebooks is greyed out (disabled) it means you have not given the app appropriate permissions. Produktyf CRM needs "Notebooks" permission in order to display your Notebooks and enable integration.

Select the Notebook where you want new entries to be created. You can select different Notebook for Actions and different Notebook for Notes. Actions in Produktyf CRM will be created as Tasks in your BlackBerry Remember Notebook. Notes in Produktyf CRM will be created as Memos in your BlackBerry Remember Notebook.

Please note that Produktyf CRM also allows integrating with BlackBerry Calendar app. This is configured in the Calendar Settings screen. It is not possible to integrate with both Calendar and Remember at the same time. If you already have integration enabled with BlackBerry Calendar you will need to turn it off before you can enable integration with BlackBerry Remember.

Close the Remember Settings screen to save your changes. Your integration is now setup.

BlackBerry Remember Integration in Action

Once integration is configured and enabled for Notes and Actions every time new Note or Action is created in Produktyf CRM new entry will be created in BlackBerry Remember app. When you update the Note or Action the corresponding BlackBerry Remember entry will also be updated.
This is one way synchronization only!
Please note that currently changes to Notes and Actions in Produktyf CRM are carried to corresponding entries in BlackBerry Remember, however changes made to those entries in Remember app are not going to be reflected in Produktyf CRM. Furthermore any changes made in Remember app will be lost next time original entry is updated in Produktyf CRM.
Actions created in Produktyf CRM will be created with a BlackBerry Remember reminder set on the due date specified in the Action properties. The BlackBerry Remember reminder is a BlackBerry OS system function and does not require Produktyf CRM running to function.
This feature is available in Produktyf CRM version 1.3.0 or higher.