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Produktyf CRM is a native BlackBerry 10 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application which helps you to manage and organize information about people (contacts, clients, prospects, suppliers, students, etc), companies, project and just about anything.

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Requires BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 or higher. Compatible with the following BlackBerry 10 models: Z3, Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10, Passport, Classic, Leap, P'9982, P'9983.

What is Produktyf CRM?

Produktyf CRM is a native BlackBerry 10 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application used to manage information related to people (contacts, clients, prospects, suppliers, students, just about anyone), companies, projects or just about anything else. Using powerful yet easy to use BlackBerry Cascades user interface the application allows you to capture notes and link them to multiple contacts, companies, projects or “items”. Once information is linked and saved it is very easy to view all linked information. All data is stored securely on the device and is never sent or uploaded to external server.

Key Data Elements

There are currently seven types of information which can be captured in Produktyf CRM: Notes, Actions, Contacts, Companies, Projects, Items and Files. (Note - there are technically six types as Note and Action are the same physical information type however they behave slightly differently therefore we will be referring to them as a separate types).


Notes can be used to capture any text information which can then be linked to other items in the application. Note contains a title, date / time as well as type. There are several note types (example: Call, Conference Call, E-Mail, Meeting, Note, Question) including special type called “Action” which is explained further below. The main note body contains the note content (as a text). Note can be linked to Contacts, Companies, Projects, Items and Files. It is possible to configure the application every time new note is created to also create a corresponding entry in the BlackBerry Calendar or BlackBerry Remember apps. For more information about this please see “BlackBerry Integration” section of help. For more information about Notes please see “Notes - Detailed Explanation” section in the help.

Actions (Tasks)

Actions represent physical activity that needs to be completed in order to accomplish desired outcome. Under the hood an Action is a Note which is set to type “Action”. In addition to basic Note attributes (title, date/time) it also has due date, priority and status. Same way a Note can be linked with other items an Action can be linked to Contacts, Companies, Projects, Items and Files. Actions can also be synced with BlackBerry Calendar or BlackBerry Remember applications.


Contacts keep key information about people you want to track in the application. There are two types of contacts: Application contacts (contacts stored only in the application database), and Device contacts (contacts stored on your device in the native BlackBerry Contacts app). Both types of contacts can be used in the application to keep track (and link to) other information. Contacts can be also linked to Companies, Notes / Actions, Projects, Items and Files.


Companies are used to keep track information about various organizations. Companies can be linked to Contacts, Notes / Actions, Projects, Items and Files.


A Projects type is used to capture and organize set of activities required to achieve desired outcome. Project has a title and description and can be linked to other Notes, Actions, Contacts, Companies, Items and Files. Generally project will have an end date (not yet implemented in the application - coming soon). To track groups of activities related to something which is not bound by the time constraints of a project you can use an Item type (see below). Project in Produktyf CRM can be linked to a project in Produktyf Project application to display key project information as well as seamlessly open Produktyf Project from Produktyf CRM app.


An Item is a special entry which can represent anything you want to keep track and link other pieces of information to. An Item can be used to keep track of geographical locations (customer regions), physical assets, logical units of organization, etc. The main difference between an Item and Project is that Project has defined objective and set of activities leading to the successful completion of the project (project generally has beginning and an end) while an Item is something ongoing. Items can be also used as categories to categorize other elements which are linked to them. In addition Items can be organized in a hierarchical tree where each item has a single “parent item”. For example you can create an Item called “Office Locations” and then create an Item representing each office location. The individual office locations items will have “Office Locations” item as a parent. When you go to “Office Locations” items and switch to “Sub-items” tab you will see all office locations.

Linking information together

The most important and probably the most appealing aspect of the application is ability to link all those items types with each other. By linking items together you are able to organize your data based on context and relationship. For example "John Smith" (Contact) can be linked to "Imperial Corp" (Company), which in turn is linked to "Upsell Promotional Items Winter 2014" (Project) and “East Sales District” (Item). Each of these items will have Notes linked to it, depending on the context of the Note. For example Note with title “Call with John to discuss new product opportunities” can be linked to “John Smith” (Contact) as well as “Upsell Promotional…” (Project). When you later view either “John Smith” contact or “Upsell Promotional…” project you will be able to see the notes linked to these items in the “Linked Notes” tab. (More information)

The Future

The future for this application is exciting as we plan to actively develop and extend this application and introduce new features. It is very important however we receive feedback and suggestions which help us shape the future development of this product.